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Mortgage Lender in a Box

Unlock the world of decentralised finance with customer finance at the point of sale for real estate. Remove the stranglehold of traditional lenders over your business by taking control of customer financing.

Customer First

Place your ideal customers first with mortgage products optimised to meet their needs. Target different market segments with niched products and instantly adapt to changing market conditions with your own financial products.

Cashflow is king

Increase revenue and cashflow. Give your business certainty by completing sales in days. Increase revenue with mortgage sales and sell loan income to adjust cashflow.

No Senior Debt

Issue short, medium and long-term mortgages without having to borrow the money to finance your customers. The Lenuity enterprise system standardises mortgages so they can be openly traded on the secondary market, whilst continuing to provide loan serving so that investors do not need to be licensed mortgage lenders.
This opens the market to secured income investment in whole mortgages, one of the safest most highly regulated assets with the convenience of being a hands-off investment.

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